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My Account & Profile
I've forgotten my password!
You will find a link on the Sign In screen labeled 'Forgot Password?' Click on this link and then enter the email address that you used to create your account. An email will be sent to the email indicated on your KCN profile with a temporary password. You will be asked to reset your password after you Sign In.
Why do I need to create an account?
You will need to create an account in order to save job alerts, or to upload and submit your resume(s) to job postings. Creating an account will also allow you to manage and add resumes, edit your personal information, manage or update your profile, track your resume submission history, and more.
What features can I find on 'My Account' page?
You will find four main categories in your 'My Account' section:
1. My Jobs provide you a view of your saved jobs and resume submission history
2. Job Alerts allow you to create, edit, pause, activate or delete your job alerts
3. Resumes provide you the ability to upload, view, or delete resumes
4. Manage Profile provides you the ability to manage your contact and professional information
How do I update my profile?
From the Menu Option of 'My Account', click on 'Manage Profile' and then update any information, such as a new address, graduation from college, etc.; In addition, you can choose to upload a new version of your resume or leverage your LinkedIn profile to update your profile and the system will automatically guide you through a process of updating your profile.
How do I create a new resume?
Once you've created your profile and are logged in, from the menu option of 'My Account', click on 'Resumes.' Near the bottom left of the screen you will see a button labeled 'Create Your Resume.' Simply click this button and follow the steps to create a new resume from scratch or by leveraging your existing LinkedIn profile.
How do I add a resume to my profile?
From the Menu Option of 'My Account', click on 'Resumes' and then click on 'Upload New Resume'. You will be prompted to give your resume a name so that you can easily identify it later.
How do I update or change my resume?
Once you upload a resume, its contents cannot be edited within the Kelly system. However, you can edit the original document you used and then re-upload the new version of your resume. You can only view or delete an existing resume, or attach a new one.
How do I remove jobs from my Saved Jobs list?
From the Menu Option of 'My Account', click on 'My Jobs'. Find the job posting in your 'Saved Jobs' list, select it, and then click on 'Delete Selected Items'.
I've lost or forgot my username. How can I access my resume?
Your username is the email address that you used to create your account. If you cannot recall this email address, then you will have to create a new account altogether.
Job Searches
How do I search for jobs?
At the top of most pages, you will see a 'Search' form where you can enter keywords, select a job category, and choose a location. Enter as much detail as you desire, and then click on the 'Find Jobs' button at the end of the form. The system will search the database and show you matching results. Using the search bar will always initiate a new search, clearing any previously existing search filters. If this is not your desire, modify 'Current Selections' on the search results page as an alternative.

To further refine your search, you can click on the 'Advanced Search' option. This will allow you to exclude criteria, to select employment type, career level, work type, and to define a search radius.
What types of keywords produce optimal results?
Keywords are a matter of personal situation and choice. If you are looking for very specific jobs, you can enter job titles as useful keywords. But if your search is more general, you may choose to enter skills that you possess, equipment you can operate, software applications you know, or anything that may be relevant to the position you are seeking.
How do I know if a position is still available or has been filled?
Job postings that you have saved or already submitted your resume for will be listed in the 'My Jobs' section of your 'My Account' page. Filled or inactive postings will show a status of 'Closed' indicated in the right-most column of the 'My Jobs' list. Additionally, any saved jobs that have been closed will be grouped under the status heading 'These jobs are no longer active'.
How do I sort my job search results?
Job results can be easily sorted by clicking on the column headers (Job Title, Location, or Date Posted). The default sort is by Date Posted.
How do I refine, exclude and filter search results?
You can refine your search by utilizing the 'Current Selections' pane on the left-hand side of the screen. This pane allows you to add or remove keywords.

Results are filtered in the 'Narrow Your Results' section, located directly under the 'Current Selections' pane on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you can filter or expand your search results by using additional criteria or removing selected criteria.

For example, under 'Work Type', you can choose among Full Time, Part Time, or Per Diem. By default, all categories are checked. Therefore, your search results will include any and all work types. However, if you want to see search results that include, for example, only Full Time job postings then leave the 'Full Time' box checked, uncheck the other select the other selections, and click 'Refine Search'. If you would like to search both Full Time and Part Time check only those two boxes.
What are Kelly corporate/branch jobs and how are they different from other job postings?
Kelly corporate/branch jobs are internal job postings for Kelly Services. If you are interested in these, click on the 'Search Kelly Corporate/Branch Jobs' link. Here you will find internal positions currently open at Kelly. Unfortunately, these internal postings are not currently linked to external job search results, so your profile can not be leveraged at this time.
How do I find a Kelly location near me?
Go to the 'Home' page by clicking on the Kelly Career Network logo at the top of any page. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Locate a Branch'.
Job Alerts
What is a job alert?
A job alert is an easy way to keep up with newly posted jobs. Through an automated process, the system will perform a specific job search and send you the results via email. You can choose the frequency of job alert emails for example daily, weekly or monthly.

When you search for any job, you select options and keywords to describe your preferred job. You create a search alert simply by giving those same combined selections a 'Job Alert Name' and saving that set of criteria to your Account. Your job alert criteria are compared to our database based on the alert schedule you selected to find possible matches, and those matches are sent to your email address.
How do I create a job alert?
You can create a job alert from any search that you perform. For example, if you just completed a search using all of your desired criteria and filters, then simply click the 'Save Search as Job Alert' button on the bottom, left-hand side of the page. Enter a name for your job alert, choose a delivery frequency, and click the 'Create New Job Alert' button.
How do I edit or delete my job alerts?
Once you have a job alert created, you can access it in the 'Job Alerts' section of your 'My Account' page. Each job alert listed will display buttons to View Jobs, Edit, Pause or Activate and Delete the alert. Click on the buttons to perform your desired actions.
How often are job alerts sent to me?
You determine the frequency with which job alert emails are sent to you when you create the job alert. Timing of receiving alert emails can be updated in the 'Job Alerts' section of your 'My Accounts' page.
How do I stop job alert emails?
From the Menu Option of 'My Account', click on 'Job Alerts' and Delete each one of the alerts.
Job Submissions
How do I submit my resume to a job posting?
Click on a Job Post Title that you are interested in. Select 'View Details/Submit Resume' and then click on 'Submit Resume' on the left-hand side of the page. If you have not yet uploaded a resume, you will be prompted to do so. Likewise, if you have not completed your candidate profile, you will be prompted to do so.

Select an answer from the 'How did you hear about this job?' drop-down menu. If you were referred by someone, include his or her name and email address.

Note: In some cases, you may be asked to complete a screening questionnaire in order to submit your resume. Take your time in answering these questions, because you will not be able to change your answers after they are completed.
How do I know if my resume was submitted successfully?
If you are submitting your resume to a specific job, you will see a confirmation message indicating that you have successfully submitted your resume. In addition, resume submissions are saved in the 'My Jobs' section of your 'My Account' page, listed under 'Resume Submission History'.

Note: We are currently still transitioning one of our applications over to the new process and some jobs may not appear in your Resume Submission History at this time.
How do I know what jobs I might have already submitted my resume to?
Your most recent resume submissions can be found in the 'My Jobs' section of your 'My Account' page. In the first section, you will see a list of saved jobs, marked with a blue triangle. The second section shows your saved jobs that are no longer active. The third section lists the jobs that you have already submitted your resume to, marked with a green triangle. Additionally, if any of these jobs come up in future search results, they will be marked with blue triangles (job is saved) or green triangles (resume already submitted).
How many jobs can I submit my resume to?
You can submit your resume to any jobs that fit your qualifications. Keep in mind that if you submit your resume to jobs which you aren't qualified to fill, recruiters will see your information and may not deem you as a serious job seeker. You can only submit your resume once to the same job.
Why can't I submit my resume to a job?
If you are having trouble submitting your resume to the system, check to see if you have already submitted to the job already. This can be found in the 'My Jobs' section of your 'My Account' page or on the job post details page will indicate that you have already submitted when the button on the left-hand side has a 'Resume Submitted' button instead of 'Submit Resume'.
Can I change the answers to a screening questionnaire after I've already answered the questions?
No. Screening questionnaires can NOT be edited once they are completed. However, there is no time limit so please take your time, and think about your answers before completing the questions.
Can I share search results?
Yes, you can share the results of any job search that you have completed. To share a set of search results with a friend, family member or colleague after searching, simply click on the 'Share this Search' button, located below the 'Narrow Your Results' pane, on the left hand side of the screen.
Can I share a specific job posting?
Yes. Simply click on the individual job posting. When it expands, you will see a 'Share' option.
What browsers are supported by this application?
This site is optimized to display on the following browsers:
* Internet Explorer 9 and above
* Chrome 20 and above
* Firefox 12 and above
* Safari 5 and above
How does the 'Use My Location' function know my location?
This feature utilizes your IP address, assigned by your Internet Service Provider, to locate your general area.

Note: Some browsers may not support this feature.
Kelly Recruitment Process
Step One: Your Resume was Received
At this point, you’ve responded online to a Kelly job posting.
• The job status—Your Resume was Received—means that your resume was successfully attached to this job posting by our system.
• You’ve completed the steps needed to electronically submit your resume, which may have included answering a set of prequalifying questions upon submission.
• On average, we receive nearly 40 resumes per posting on our job site. The timing of your submittal, the quality of your resume, and your applicable experience all play a crucial role in whether or not you move to the next step in our process.
• Our recruiters are continuously reviewing candidates who submit for jobs, as well as those identified through other sourcing channels. After reviewing all of these potential candidates, they reach out and connect with those qualified to conduct a thorough qualification process.
• It’s worth noting that while you’ve applied to just one position—by submitting your resume, you are now in our database, and may be contacted for additional openings.

Tips from our Recruiters
Help yourself succeed in this step of our process:
• Make sure you include relevant keywords in your resume aligned to the job posting—so you will show up in any search that a recruiter might carry out related to your ideal job.
• Sign up for job alerts to receive timely notice of new jobs on the Kelly Career Network— that way, you can be the first to apply for any new opportunities.
• Only apply to the jobs for which you are truly qualified AND have a serious interest.
Step Two: Recruiter Qualifies a Short-List of Candidates
Our recruiters will look in our database for qualified candidates, review candidates who have applied to the job posting, and identify other candidates through further outreach.
• At this point, we identify a short-list of candidates to contact and qualify for a position.
• Keep in mind, if you haven’t been contacted by a recruiter, it may be that you didn’t possess the minimum qualifications.
• It may also mean that we received enough qualified candidates prior to receiving your information—in which case, you may have missed being considered from a timing perspective.

If you’ve been short-listed, our recruiter will engage to fully qualify you, which means…
• … Asking you a series of questions to understand and get to know you as both a professional and an individual.
• … Learning about your skills, education, and experiences, as well as your passions, motivations, and goals.
• … Reviewing your qualifications in relation to the job you applied for—but also to determine if you might be a fit for other current or future opportunities.
• This process may occur in one conversation, or in multiple conversations with you.
• Our teams have spent a lot of time understanding our clients’ needs, just like we want to understand your needs, so that we can effectively connect you with the right job.
• As our recruiters get to know you better over time, they keep detailed records of your conversations. That way, if another position comes along that’s a good match for you, another recruiter will find you in the database, and be able to get familiar with your background, experience, and career aspirations quickly.
• In fact, our recruiters spend time every week staying connected with candidates they’ve already interviewed, to talk about what new jobs have become available.

Our recruiter will discuss all related details during the qualification process, which may qualify you OR disqualify you from the position, as well as pique or reduce your interest in the job.
• These details can include information about your length of commute, logistics, desired salary, or available start date—all to ensure the position is a fit from that perspective.

Our recruiters will conduct reference checks or perform skill testing as needed, in addition to the interview process.
• Our reference checking process is often a key to you landing your dream job—when we engage with other companies on your behalf, we’ll include key information that highlights your strengths in working with previous employers.

Qualification is a critical step in our process. Why?
• It allows us to act as a career agent, and present you with opportunities that are truly a fit with your experiences, skills, and goals.
• It also helps us take the right candidates to client companies that count on us to identify top talent—and confidently let them know that you have the talent they need to achieve their business goals.

Tips from our Recruiters
Help yourself succeed in this step of our process:
• When contacted by a recruiter, be sure to discuss the details of your experience as well as your career goals and objectives—so we can get a full picture of your potential.
• Don’t hold back in sharing what makes you a strong candidate.
• If one position isn’t a perfect fit, there may be another open, or one that will open soon—so always be prepared to discuss what qualifies you as a great candidate.
Step Three: Candidate Selection Process
Our Kelly recruiter has completed the bulk of the qualification process, and if you are deemed to be qualified, he or she will be representing you to our current or future client companies.
• At this time, your recruiter becomes your career agent. At the same time, we are acting as our clients’ agent for talent.
• Our dream is to connect you with a job that both meets your personal and professional goals—and provide talent to our clients that will thrill and delight them.
• The jobs we identify may include the position that you originally submitted for, or other positions that we’ve identified since then as potential opportunities for you based on our qualification process.

How to best present you to our client companies will be determined by your recruiter.
• He or she will want your resume to shine, and will work with you to expertly create and submit a summary that highlights you best for the opportunity at hand.
• We then work with the client to formally present you, and to get feedback on your candidacy.
• Our goal is to secure an interview at the client company, where you can highlight your strengths and further assess if the job is right for you.
• We will have an honest discourse with our clients about the strengths you have and any gaps—to ensure that in the interview (and beyond, if you are selected) you’ll be set up for success.
• If you are not selected to interview, or if after an interview you are not selected, we’ll give you feedback about your candidacy, including your interviewing skills—to help you to be successful the next time around.

In our business, it’s about the successful connection of three parties…
• … You (1) are looking for a job that satisfies your life,
• … Our clients (2) need talent that will forward their business objectives,
• … Kelly (3) identifies talented people like you to best serve our client companies.
• All three parties must be satisfied in order to move forward through our process.
• Your recruiter will work continuously to ensure that you have the information you need, and our client companies have the information they need

If the interview goes well, and our client feels you are the right candidate, then…
• Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off.
• Your recruiter will reach out to present you with an offer, confirm all important details, and discuss next steps—including when you’ll start the position, salary, and more.
• All you need to do is say yes!
• It’s important to note that Kelly Services never charges a fee to our candidates!

What if I’m not selected for a particular position?
• Candidates who do not move onto the next step in our process are retained in our recruiting systems, and can be considered for other open positions.
• We will provide you with any feedback we have that might assist you in improving your candidacy.
• Additionally, we recommend that you check the Kelly Career Network often, and set up job alerts—as we add hundreds of new jobs each week!

Tips from our Recruiters
Help yourself succeed in this step of our process:
• Once you accept an offer, take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes!
• However, don’t get too comfortable just yet— since there are still some required documents that we’ll need to complete at this stage.
• Don’t worry. We are still here to facilitate the on-boarding process and ensure that you are off to a great start!
Step Four: Candidate On-boarding
If an offer is extended and you accept, the on-boarding process will begin.
• If the job is a consulting position, you’ll begin the process to become a Kelly employee. This includes completing all necessary employment documentation.
• In addition to hiring documentation, you’ll go through a Kelly orientation, and likely a customer orientation as well. It’s our goal that you feel good being a Kelly employee, and that you are fully prepared to be successful in your new role.
• If the job is a direct-hire position at one of our client companies, we will facilitate your connection with their internal on-boarding team, and remain a part of the process until you are established in the role.

Your recruiter will ensure that you have everything you need to start your new position, and feel confident from your first day on.
• Your recruiter and our Kelly team will connect with you on day one, throughout your first week, and throughout your assignment to ensure that you are satisfied with the job, and things are going well.
• Should any concerns or issues arise, we will engage immediately to remove any obstacles to your success.
• We will engage with the hiring manager as well, and provide you with positive or constructive feedback.
• As your position is wrapping up, we’ll formally engage with you to explore or identify the next opportunity for you.

Our most valued resource is your success in support of our client relationships—so we will do everything we can to ensure that the partnership we’ve worked to create is mutually beneficial.

Tips from our Recruiters
Help yourself succeed in this step of our process:
• Get connected. Network with your peers and management team as much as possible during the first few weeks on your new job or assignment—building strong relationships is very important as you start any new job.
• If any issues arise, engage immediately with your Kelly recruiter or other key Kelly contacts—so that we can work with you to remove obstacles and help you be successful.
How can I change my contact information?
To change or update your contact information please contact the Employee Service Center at 866-535-5948 or your Kelly representative.
Can I add or change my direct deposit information?
Yes, you can add or change your existing direct deposit information from the myDetails site. Please note processing will take up to 7-10 business days for any direct deposit addition or change to take effect. However, if you have an existing direct deposit account that you need IMMEDIATELY disabled please contact your Kelly representative.
How can I change from direct deposit to the Money Network?
You can move your pay option to the Money Network Services program by contacting your Kelly representative.”
How can I tell if my most recent payment was processed?
On the 'Payroll Information' page you will see all payments processed in the last two pay periods. If the most recent pay period is blank this mean that as of the time you accessed the myDetails site your payment has not been processed. You may check again later in the day or the following day to see if an update has been posted.
How can I change my tax withholdings?
To update your tax withholding information, please contact your Kelly representative.
How can I tell how many hours I have accrued towards the upcoming holiday to qualify for holiday pay?
For employees participating in Kelly’s standard holiday plan, the accrued hours worked towards the associated holiday will be displayed approximately 5 weeks prior to the holiday week. For employees participating in a non-standard plan, accrual information is not available through this web site. Please contact your Kelly Representative for non-standard benefit plan information.
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